AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE AND PARTS ARE WARRANTED FOR A MINIMUM OF 90 DAYS OR 4,000 MILES, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST UNLESS COVERED ELSEWHERE ON THIS PAGE. Flynn’s Tire, also referred to as Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service, Flynn’s Tire Express, Discount Tire Center of Bellevue representatives have no authorization to extend or enlarge these warranties. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from state to state. All warranties apply to the original purchaser and may not be transferred to a subsequent owner of the vehicle. There is no warranty beyond that stated here and there is no implied warranty of any kind including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. A purchase receipt must be presented for warranty. All Flynn’s Tire limited warranties will be honored at all Flynn’s Tire locations. However, some locations may not offer the same services. Call the store where purchase was made if you have a warranty related concern or visit any Flynn’s Tire location. Store locations and a copy of this form can be found on our website at www.flynnstire.com. Our nationwide mechanical warranty is discussed below. Flynn’s Tire will not be liable for damage to vehicles and/or their contents of any kind caused by fire, theft, or any other cause beyond our control. These warranties exclude compensation for inconvenience or loss of use, the cost of a rental car, reimbursement for loss of work, loss of income, telephone calls, property damage, legal fees or other consequential or incidental damages.


This warranty applies to passenger and light truck tires only, and tires must be present for warranty. ALL tires sold by Flynn’s Tire are sold with a MANUFACTURER’S LIMITED WARRANTY applicable only to the original purchaser and used only on the vehicle originally installed on, for the life of the tread against any irregularities in workmanship and/or materials up to the cost of replacement or refund of the original purchase. If a tire covered by the manufacturer’s warranty becomes unserviceable Flynn’s Tire will replace such tire with a new tire of like kind and quality on a pro-rated basis. Also, many tires come with a limited mileage warranty. If our examination shows that your tire(s) did not attain warranted mileage when proper service procedures were followed, then Flynn’s Tire will replace the tires on a pro-rated mileage basis down to 2/32nds tread depth. The customer shall pay a minimum replacement fee of $16.99 for installation and wheel balance plus optional road hazard warranty and applicable state and federal (FET) taxes. See below for calculating the pro-rated price and what this warranty does not apply to.

Calculating the pro-rated price: The pro-rated price will be calculated by multiplying the current Flynn’s retail price by the percentage of original usable tread worn. Example: 50% tread worn multiplied by the current selling price of $130 equals a pro-rated selling price of $65 (the first 2/32 of a tire will be considered new and be adjusted as 0% worn) plus the applicable replacement fee. If a more expensive tire is chosen as a replacement tire then the difference in selling price will be added to the pro-rated price. Original usable tread is measured from the original tread down to 2/32nds of an inch.


Flynn’s Tire offers a limited road hazard adjustment contract which may be purchased at the time of your new tire purchase. This plan is not a warranty nor a guarantee nor a policy of insurance. This plan is a service contract between you (the buyer) and the Flynn’s Tire location where you purchased the plan and new tires. If it is determined by Flynn’s Tire that the damage tire covered by this plan is repairable, Flynn’s Tire will make the repair at no cost to the customer. Road hazard damage such as that caused by potholes, nails, glass, and road debris not covered by the manufacturer, not repairable and when such damage is determined by Flynn’s Tire to be covered under this plan will be replaced by paying the following percentages of the current selling price of new tire for up to 3 years from date of purchase or until the tire is worn down to 3/32 tread depth: 1st Year = No charge, 2nd Year = 50%, 3rd Year = 75%. The customer shall pay a $16.99 minimum replacement fee that covers installation, wheel balance and old tire disposal. Plus, pay the optional road hazard coverage fee of $10.99 for the new tire, and applicable state and federal (FET) taxes.

Above limited warranties do not apply to: 1. Cuts, punctures, flats, road hazards, tires run flat (unless receipt shows road hazard contract) 2. Tires used on commercial or recreational vehicles 3. Tires with premature or irregular wear due to improper inflation, wheel misalignment, lack of rotation (recommended every 5,000 miles), improper wheel balance, necessary vehicle repairs not maintained (worn steering/suspension parts) 4. Tires damaged by fire, wrecks, misuse, abuse, or obstructions on the vehicle 5. Sidewall damage from curbs or other cosmetic damage 6. Tire uniformity complaints after the first 2/32nds of tread wear 7. Improper installation 8. Acts of vandalism.


Original equipment dealer parts, special orders, electronic, computer related parts and all parts/services to vehicles used in commercial applications are warranted for 90 days or 4,000 miles. Wheel alignments are warranted for 6 months or 6,000 miles, and disc brake services are warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Most other mechanical repairs are warranted for 24 months or 24,000 miles unless stated otherwise on invoice. Flynn’s Tire warrants repairs will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the stated months or miles, whichever comes first. Warranty repairs are covered up to the cost of the original repair and do not extend original warranty period. Our mechanical repairs carry a Nationwide Limited Warranty: If you experience a warranty related problem and are more than 25 miles from original service location call 800-426-0733 for repair authorization or take your invoice to the nearest Tire & Service Network provider. Nationwide warranty does not cover tires, batteries, differential, engine, transmission, or internal repairs.

CAUTION TO OWNERS OF MAG WHEELS, ALLOY WHEELS, OR CUSTOM WHEELS: The wheels lug nuts must be retorqued within 100 miles and checked periodically or an extremely hazardous condition may result. Flynn’s Tire will retorque these lug nuts within 100 miles at no charge and assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur if the customer fails to have the lug nuts checked as recommended.

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